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Religious Nutjob Of The Week : The Paedophile Puppeteer Preacher


Meet Ronald William Brown, a 58-year-old puppeteer that works for a Christian television network warning kids of the dangers of looking at pornography.  How ironic then when this week we find out he has been sentenced to 20 year in prison for possessing child pornography.  Surprised? Not.

Here he is at work with his quite frankly creepy assed ventriloquist dummy, Marty.

The images he collected and traded online were of children being bound gagged and also ones of kids who were apparently dead.  You see this sickos twisted fantasy was of killing dismembering and eating children. In fact he had already selected his victim, it was a young boy from his church group.  He would talk about these sick plans with another online paedo, Micheal Arnett writing things like “I imagine him wiggling and then going still,”

This was a guy, a loner, who had lived with his mother until she died, who spent most of his time with kids. He ran a pizza and church night for teenagers and frequently drove the children about in the church van and spent hours at the local park.  He should have been caught earlier. He had once been investigated by police after a neighbour had reported him for always driving young kids about and another time was caught with boys underwear on the front seat of his car when stopped for a traffic offense. He said they were for dressing his puppet in ^^

Now we don’t have any evidence that he personally ever physically hurt any children but his partner in crime Arnett claimed to have strangled killed and eaten an unknown child during their web discussions and Brown himself said that was what he was going to do with his selected victim. So it is mind-boggling  that his lawyer claims that “At this point, he doesn’t believe he’s done anything,”

Yet another case of paedophiles exploiting their position within either an educational or religious organisation. While his Church’s pastor has responded to media queries stating his shock at these discoveries. It is sad that so far the place where he worked Christian Television Network in Largo has refused to release any comment. In fact on his Facebook page Brown still claims to work there as a control operator. If we want to put a stop to this kind of behaviour then it is going to be up to these organisations to be both more thorough in their vigilance, and quicker to denounce these criminals when convicted. Until then I am afraid that churches and religious community groups are going to remain prime breeding grounds for these nonces.

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