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The Zapatistas’ first school opens for session


ast December, tens of thousands of indigenous Zapatistas mobilized, peacefully and in complete silence, to occupy five municipal government office buildings in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. That same day, which coincided with the end of one cycle on the Maya calendar, Zapatistas released a communiqué, asking, “Did you hear it?”

It appears that the answer was yes, because this week thousands of people from around the world are descending on Chiapas for the Zapatistas’ first organizing school, called la escuelita de libertad, which means the little school of liberty. Originally the group allotted for only 500 students. But so many people wished to enroll that they opened an additional 1,200 slots for the weeklong school, which begins on August 12.

Just as the Zapatistas have, for two decades, rejected hierarchical systems, the escuelita will also eschew traditional teaching models. Instead, it will be an open space for the community to learn together.

“There isn’t one teacher,” wrote Subcomandante Marcos, the spokesperson for the Zapatista movement. “Rather, it is the collective that teaches, that shows, that forms, and in it and through it the person learns, and also teaches.”

While attending the escuelita, students will live with a family in a rebel zapatista community and participate both in the school and in the daily life of the community. Participants will cut wood, work in the cornfields and cook and eat with their host families.

Subcomandante Marcos acknowledged that attending this type of school requires shifting one’s way of thinking about learning and indigenous communities. As he asked in a communiqué:

Would you attend a school taught by indigenous teachers, whose mother tongue is typified as “dialect”?

Could you overcome the temptation to study them as anthropological subjects, psychological subjects, subjects of law or esoterism, or history?

Would you overcome the urge to write a report, interview them, tell them your opinion, give them advice, orders?

Would you see them, that is to say, would you listen to them?

Leading up to the school, the Zapatistas published a series of seven communiqués entitled “Them and Us.” These essays illustrated the absurdities of “those from above” — those who hold coercive and repressive power — trampling the freedoms of “those from below.” The writings also spoke to the need to learn by observing and listening in order to build an alternative world. But more than abstractions, the seven publications were a collection of lessons about how everyday life in the Zapatista communities, including how people resolve problems and how they organize themselves into an autonomous networks in which the people rule and the government obeys.

The last installation of this manual, published on March 27, also announced the upcoming escuelita and outlined three requirements necessary for any applicant: “an indisposition to speaking and judging, a disposition to listening and seeing, and a well-placed heart.”

The Zapatistas are unique not only for challenging power or maintaining their resistance for nearly 20 years. What sets them apart is their ever-evolving definition of liberty, and this topic — liberty according to the Zapatistas — will be the central focus of the school. According to Subcomandante Marcos, liberty is “to govern and govern ourselves according to our ways, in our geography and in this calendar.” But the definition also shifts from generation to generation, and Marcos explains that new generations must find their own paths through rebellion and dignity.

The experience of living with Zapatistas and other indigenous families will be another central part of the school. Some students will stay with families living in autonomous rebel communities, while others will be with nearby non-Zapatistas, or even anti-Zapatistas families. These hundreds of families have all agreed on a votán, a person who, in the Zapatista movement, represents a guardian and the heart of the community. The votáns will translate for the families and the foreign students, although Marcos acknowledges that translation itself is an imperfect process.

“In legal cases, do cultures translate?” he questions. “In that sense, one understands that what they call ‘equality under the law’ is one of the greatest travesties of justice in our world.”

As for final evaluations, the school won’t, unsurprisingly, have an exam, a thesis, or a multiple-choice test. Rather, as Marcos explained, the school “will make its own reality,” and the results will be “a mirror.”

The school began after three days of festivals in rebel communities to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the councils of good governance, the Zapatistas’ autonomous governing system in which the community makes decisions and the government carries them out. During the celebrations, one could see empty buses and vans parked along the streets to Ocosingo and Palenque, waiting to transport the 1,700 students from San Cristobal de Las Casas into the rebel communities the following morning.

Earlier this summer, the Zapatistas announced that future escuelitas in the Zapatista communities will be held this coming winter.

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US Government Caught Re-labeling Snowden As Traitor On Wikipedia

Seems the US has been caught trying to give public opinion a little push by editing the publicly written one stop shop encyclopedia we all know and hate love, Wikipedia. In the page about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden the “anonymous” contributor changed Snowdens page to read traitor.

How do we know this was the government I hear you ask?  Well in a move of outstanding stupidity or sheer uncaring arrogance this anonymous propagandist used a computer from within the US senate building. We know this of course from the IP address.



Here’s what fellow wiki contributors thought of this rather sad behaviour

Hello, I’m Ginsuloft. Wikipedia is written by people who have a wide diversity of opinions, but we try hard to make sure articles have a neutral point of view. Your recent edit to Edward Snowden seemed less than neutral to me, so I removed it for now. If you think I made a mistake, or if you have any questions, you can leave me a message on my talk page. Thank you. Ginsuloft (talk) 20:54, 2 August 2013 (UTC)

Might want to look a bit closer:
   NetRange: -
   OriginAS:       AS3495
   NetName:        USSAA
   OrgName:        United States Senate
   OrgId:          USSAA
   City:           WASHINGTON DC
   StateProv:      DC
   PostalCode:     20510
   Country:        US
I guess we know who’s paying him.
Amitabho Chattopadhyay (talk) 01:24, 3 August 2013 (UTC)

That’s an assumption of bad faith. People sometimes edit in their personal capacity from a work computer. The real issue is that the edit violates WP:NPOV. JehochmanTalk 15:48, 3 August 2013 (UTC)

The following is a personal opinion based on my own ideas of what is true: A prime example of Government entities trying to influence the thoughts and opinions of their own citizens and others through any means necessary. Wake up United States Senate, people are learning the truth for themselves no matter how hard you try to sweep it under the rug. Not only that, but the mere fact that you are trying so desperately to discredit Edward Snowden only shows how deep your web of internet surveillance runs. If your ultimate goal is and truly was to protect American citizens, wouldn’t you be spending more of your time and resources defending yourselves rather than using it to sling mud at a so called “traitor”? GoldenWolfMuse (talk) 10:00, 3 August 2013 (UTC)

As an experienced wikipedian and a site administrator, I can tell you that such things have happened in the past, and all they accomplished was to embarrass the person or persons behind the edits. If that was your goal, keep it up. If it was not, I suggest you find a better use for your time. See U.S. Congressional staff edits to Wikipedia for more information on past incidents of this nature. Beeblebrox (talk) 15:40, 3 August 2013 (UTC)
Good lord, is the US government even trying to be subtle here? —Veyneru (talk) 17:34, 3 August 2013 (UTC)

You can see the  revision at this page here :

While there is no way of figuring out who actually did this piece of nefarious rewriting the fact that it comes from the Senate does seriously limit the possible suspects. We also don’t know if this was done in an official capacity or a personal one. However the very fact that someone within the corridors of US power would feel threatened enough to feel the need to do this says a great deal.


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Inverted Totalitarianism


Dont Think

Inverted totalitarianism is a term coined by political philosopher Sheldon Wolin to describe the emerging form of government of the United States. Wolin believes that the United States is increasingly turning into an illiberal democracy, and he uses the term “inverted totalitarianism” to illustrate the similarities and differences between the United States governmental system and totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union.[

Inverted totalitarianism and managed democracy

Wolin believes that the United States (which he refers to using the proper noun “Superpower”, to emphasize the current position of the United States as the only superpower) has been increasingly taking on totalitarian tendencies as a result of the transformations that it underwent during the military mobilization required to fight the Axis powers, and during the subsequent campaign to contain the Soviet Union during the Cold War

While the versions of totalitarianism represented by Nazism and Fascism consolidated power by suppressing liberal political practices that had sunk only shallow cultural roots, Superpower represents a drive towards totality that draws from the setting where liberalism and democracy have been established for more than two centuries. It is Nazism turned upside-down, “inverted totalitarianism.” While it is a system that aspires to totality, it is driven by an ideology of the cost-effective rather than of a “master race” (Herrenvolk), by the material rather than the “ideal.”

According to Wolin, there are three main ways in which inverted totalitarianism is the inverted form of classical totalitarianism.

  • Whereas in Nazi Germany the state dominated economic actors, in inverted totalitarianism, corporations through political contributions and lobbying, dominate the United States, with the government acting as the servant of large corporations. This is considered “normal” rather than corrupt.
  • While the Nazi regime aimed at the constant political mobilization of the population, with its Nuremberg rallies, Hitler Youth, and so on, inverted totalitarianism aims for the mass of the population to be in a persistent state of political apathy. The only type of political activity expected or desired from the citizenry is voting. Low electoral turnouts are favorably received as an indication that the bulk of the population has given up hope that the government will ever help them.[7]
  • While the Nazis openly mocked democracy, the United States maintains the conceit that it is the model of democracy for the whole world.[8] Wolin writes:

Inverted totalitarianism reverses things. It is all politics all of the time but a politics largely untempered by the political. Party squabbles are occasionally on public display, and there is a frantic and continuous politics among factions of the party, interest groups, competing corporate powers, and rival media concerns. And there is, of course, the culminating moment of national elections when the attention of the nation is required to make a choice of personalities rather than a choice between alternatives. What is absent is the political, the commitment to finding where the common good lies amidst the welter of well-financed, highly organized, single-minded interests rabidly seeking governmental favors and overwhelming the practices of representative government and public administration by a sea of cash.[9]

Managed democracy

Wolin believes that the democracy of the United States is sanitized of political participation and refers to it as managed democracy. He defines managed democracy as “a political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control”.Under managed democracy, the electorate is prevented from having a significant impact on policies adopted by the state through the continuous employment of public relations techniques.

Wolin believes that the United States resembles Nazi Germany in one major way without an inversion: the essential role that propaganda plays in the system. According to Wolin, whereas the production of propaganda was crudely centralized in Nazi Germany, in the United States it is left to highly concentrated media corporations, thus maintaining the illusion of a “free press“. Dissent is allowed, although the corporate media serves as a filter, allowing most people, with limited time available to keep themselves apprised of current events, only to hear points of view which the corporate media deems to be “serious”.

According to Wolin, the United States has two main totalizing dynamics:

  • The first, directed outward, finds its expression in the Global War on Terror and in the Bush Doctrine that the United States has the right to launch preemptive wars. This amounts to the United States seeing as illegitimate the attempt by any state to resist its domination.
  • The second dynamic, directed inward, involves the subjection of the mass of the population to economic “rationalization“, with continual “downsizing” and “outsourcing” of jobs abroad and dismantling of what remains of the welfare state created by U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s New Deal and Lyndon B. Johnson‘s Great Society. Thus, neoliberalism is an integral component of inverted totalitarianism. The state of insecurity in which this places the public serves the useful function of making people feel helpless, thus making it less likely that they will become politically active, and thus helping to maintain the first dynamic
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Fake Cops Robbing People, Or Is That Real Cops?


There have been a spate of robberies in Detroit recently where the suspects have been claiming to be police officers.  Naturally the lamestreet media immediately labelled these men as fake or bogus cops. After all who would expect a policeman to be a criminal right?

Detroit Police are searching for two-to-three armed men who are posing as undercover cops and robbing people on the city’s east side.

Sunday afternoon the bogus cops robbed two brothers who stopped for gas at a Citgo on French Road near I-94. Both victims were slammed against vehicles. One suffered a broken nose when he was pistol-whipped by one of the robbers.

It’s believed the same two men were part of a trio that robbed Bill Confere as he headed to work Tuesday around 9:00 am.

Confere described the suspects’ vehicle as a black older-model Crown Victoria with red and blue lights flashing through the lower part of the windshield.

The three men were armed with handguns.

Confere tells 7 Action News that the fake cops said it was a routine traffic stop, but then told him to get out of his vehicle. They refused to show Confere their badges or any identification.

“As soon as I seen them guns, I did everything they asked me to do,” said Confere.

The items stolen included cash and prescription medicine.

One of the bogus cops is described as a white man, mid-thirties to early forties, 5’10” tall, 230 lbs, wearing a blue hoodie, black jeans and with a “funny looking badge” around his neck.

One accomplice is described as a white man, about 30-years-old, 6′ tall, 200 lbs, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. He was also wearing a badge around his neck.

Confere describes the third perpetrator in his case as a black man with a medium complexion. He is shorter than the others and has a stocky build.

The men were wearing black military-style boots and may be wearing t-shirts or hoodies.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Detroit Police.

So it is with surprise that today we see this story coming out of Detroit :

A photograph snapped by a citizen and distributed to the media led to the arrest of two police officers who allegedly robbed and assaulted two citizens last week, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Monday.

The two men — one a sergeant and 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department; the other holding the same rank in St. Clair Shores — allegedly wore their badges around their necks and drew their department-issued pistols on July 21, when police say they robbed two men at an east-side gas station. One of the victims was assaulted, Craig said.

“It wasn’t until a photograph was sent to the media that someone investigating the case recognized him as a Detroit Police employee,” Craig said.

Further investigation revealed his alleged partner was a St. Clair Shores sergeant who attended the Police Academy with him before leaving Detroit’s police force after two years, said Inspector Brian Stair, head of Detroit Police Internal Affairs.

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, it has received a warrant request for the two officers, who Craig said are likely to be charged with robbery and assault in the next day or so.

Although there were at least two reported instances of fake cops robbing citizens recently, there’s no evidence linking the two sergeants with any other robberies, Craig said, adding that police are investigating whether they may have been involved in other heists.

“It’s no secret we’ve had other incidents involving police impersonators, so we’re taking a close look at that,” Craig said.

The Detroit sergeant was arrested Saturday while working at the 12th Precinct. His alleged accomplice also was arrested Saturday at his home.

Now there is no proof at the moment that these are the same men who did the other robberies but its a damn fine co-incidence wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps these cops had heard about these “fake” cop robberies and thought they could get away with making a few dollars and be able to pin the blame on this other group. Or maybe it is the case that yes a group of police have been abusing their oaths and offices and assault and stealing of the very people they are supposed to protect.

The only thing we can be sure about is that police officers are just people too. Wearing a badge does not make them somehow incapable of committing a crime as we have seen time and time again. In fact it could be argued that wearing a uniform empowers people to abuse their authority and makes them feel untouchable resulting in them taking increasingly more extreme and violent actions.

The main thing to take from this is not to blindly trust someone just because they are wearing a uniform and a badge.  If they can get away with breaking the law either to benefit themselves or to entrap you, then there is a chance they will do so.

The best defense (non-violent) that we can have is to a] Know your rights and b] always make sure that they are accountable. If they know that they are being recorded then they are that much more likely to do things by the book.  That means getting out your phone and recording them every time they stop or talk to you.  Do not be taken in by their friendly demeanour, their job is to lock you up. If you stand for freedom equality and liberty for all, then you are by definition, in direct opposition to the men who pay the police their wages.  Make no mistake, it is not the common people who the police are here to protect. It is the rich entitled classes and their property.

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So Camerons New Porn Blocker Is Only Going To Block Porn ….. Right?



In fact due to the complexities of the internet and to be honest the complexity of most things. No one really knows what may be caught up by their free speech free information blockers.  Though you can be sure that the false positives getting reported will be massive.

By default they are turned on to block porn  ( or whatever some board says is porn )

But also from speaking to ISPs it has been found out that many other things also will be by default censored.

This is the list so far of what is known to be being censored :

☑ pornography
☑ violent material
☑ extremist and terrorist related content
☑ anorexia and eating disorder websites
☑ suicide related websites
☑ alcohol
☑ smoking
☑ web forums
☑ esoteric material
☑ web blocking circumvention tools

So already it has gone from just porn to many different topics. I understand the reasoning for most of these choices if taken at face value. The problems begin when defining these choices. Who gets to choose? what are the criteria? Is there oversight? What about false positives?  What about the right to appeal? aswell as many more questions.

Lets take a closer look at these potential victims topics :

Number 1  Pornography.   Does it mean hardcore porn, full nudity, erections, page 3 topless, sexually explicit MTV superstars performing fake oral sex on video. What about sex education websites?  What about Hentai and other animated styles?  naturist websites?  Art?

Number 2 Violent material.  So what is that going to be then? banned from seeing the collateral murder vid released from wikileaks. Of maybe of watching any of our troops when in active war zones. Maybe it will include a lot of so-called violent video games too?  Animated violence like Tom And Jerry gonna be banned too?

number 3 Extremist and terrorist related content.   Main question I want to ask here is who gets to choose who is a terrorist?  Some people would apply it to Jihadist group or far right groups.  Some people may find other groups could be classed as terrorists. From things like animal rights activists, to oppressed minorities fighting for their land back.  One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

Number 4 Anorexia and eating disorder websites. Okay so straight away it could be sites that are trying to help anorexic people will end getting blocked.  But on the plus side maybe McDonald’s will be blocked for causing obesity in people, Or maybe the whole supermodel and fashion industry could be blocked for showing  anorexic women as role models….

Number 5 Suicide related websites. I suppose this is aimed at how to kill yourself type websites but could also include an assortment of goth and emo sites or informative or counselling sites for bereaved families after suicide.

Number 6 Alcohol    LOLOLOL I wish them luck with that,:P  I figure about a third of the internet could be blocked if it mentions alcohol

Number 7  Smoking  Now this is getting to serious nanny state behaviour. Smoking FFS  This is not only censorship but social programming.

Number 8 web forums    W    T    F !!!  Seriously, no need for them to be about anything that is harmful in any way, just any web forum that may contain info that some unknown censor deems to be offensive  and it is gone, Blocked!  There goes politics, debate, free speech and free thought.  This is basically sneaking into a law about porn the option to block ANYTHING that TPTB don’t want you to see. MP caught in embarrassing situation … suddenly website blocked

Number 8 Esoteric Material. Ahh they are protecting us from demons witches and the  mysteries of the universe.  Hmmm would that not be in direct contravention on the freedom of religion in the universal declaration of human rights? Not just for the Wiccans but after all Religion full stop is esoteric by its very nature. So all religion blocked by default

Number 9 Web Blocking Circumvention Tools. LOL well of course. be foolish to lock the door then leave the key in the lock 😛

Anyway what I am trying to say rather badly is that we have to stop this stupid stupid idea of Cameron’s. Otherwise it will end up in the wholesale censorship of the free internet, one step at a time. They will nudge and nudge and keep on nudging along until everything they want is censored. I.e ANY political dissent or views that do not coincide with the moral majority.

Am I being paranoid and taking this too far?  I really do hope so, but you only have to have a passing knowledge of history and politics and you will know that this is how change is brought about in this day and age. It is the age of Orwellian doublespeak, of spin, of saying one thing and doing the opposite, of giving an inch and taking a mile. It is also true that this government building on the work of new labours spin masters have pushed and perfected this technique of slow creep and mass distraction to a new limit, until it gets to the point that when I hear a government minister say one thing I automatically assume he is lying and look for the real reason behind his words.


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Man Faces Jail For Calling MP A Coward


Almost everyday now I read something that makes me realise just how much of an insane society we are becoming,  Be it police handcuffing 6-year-old children or women getting sent to prison for being raped

So todays story is no different.  Apparently using none offensive words to describe a person’s action if said loudly and to that persons face is now a crime :

A university lecturer could be sent to prison for calling a city MP a “coward”.

Alex Cline faces a two-day trial after a court heard Hove MP Mike Weatherley complained to police about the name-calling in November.

The incident took place during a protest at the University of Sussex.

At the time, Mr Weatherley complained he and his staff had been pelted with rocks by “anarchists” before a planned debate on anti-squatting laws.

But during yesterday’s hearing, Brighton Magistrates Court heard the only person charged with any offence was Mr Cline, for calling the MP a “coward”.

The 25-year-old faces one count of ‘using threatening/abusive/insulting words/behaviour to cause harassment/alarm/distress’.

He could be handed a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment, a fine of £5,000 or both.

Mr Cline denies harassing the MP or causing him alarm and distress.

‘Free speech’

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Cline’s solicitor Lydia Dagostino said: “Mr Weatherley has probably been called worse in the Houses of Parliament.

“We’ll be vigorously defending this case and the defendant’s right to free speech.”

Cases heard in magistrates’ court cost the taxpayer around £900 a day.

Mr Cline of Wenlock House, North Street, Brighton, is a former University of Sussex postgraduate student who graduated from the university in September.

He now lectures at the Angela Ruskin University, teaching “Video Game Contextual Studies” and “Architectural Gaming”.

Mr Weatherley and his colleagues previously told how the crowd turned on them at the university.

He was due to give a talk to the university’s Young Conservative group when he was allegedly chased out of the lecture theatre and across the campus.

Mr Weatherley said: “I have given statements to Sussex Police relating to the way in which my staff and I were physically assaulted at Sussex University. I have faith in the police and have no doubt that those responsible will be held to account in due course.”


Now the thing that really gets me about this story is not just the slap in the face to free speech in this country or the abuse of power by an MP to assuage his hurt feelings, but that what the defendant is accused of saying is nothing but the truth.  Look at it, the guy calls this MP a coward.  The MP  responds by running away and then getting the police to arrest the big scary man for calling him names! You can almost picture the MP clinging to a policeman’s legs from behind and raising a trembling finger to point out this big bully who dared to address him so.

What the hell happened to stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?

Oh well if these politicians don’t like being called names maybe its time that we just went back to communicating our feelings to them using sticks and stones instead 🙂


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Knowledge is Power


Excellent interview by Artist Taxi Driver with Akala, purveyor of finest quality conscious hip-hop.

This guy is intelligent, articulate and down to earth as well as a damn fine musician. His explanation of how the elite hoard their power and get the rest of us fighting amongst ourselves is pure truth.  I especially love his insights into the so-called immigration problem in Britain

If you want to be the mother country to 52 nations around the world don’t be surprised and act like a victim when your children want to come home.



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Go Home Or Face Arrest

That is the message being given out in 6 new pilot schemes across London today.

Large vans with this message on the side are at present driving around these London boroughs in this latest attack on migrants.

Just like the poor and disabled are being targeted by the DWP so too is the Hone Office hounding the thousands of migrants that come to these shores each year looking for a better life. A life free from oppression and or torture.  This is how our government welcomes them :

immigration fascist

Anything to distract and fool the people into believing the enemy is anything other than the ultra rich capitalist cronies that run The City.  This Tory (and Lib-Dem) government think they are so clever to use these divide and conqueor tactics to keep the masses controlled.

Yet despite the fact that it has been shown time and time again that immigration brings lots of benefits to the host nation, it seems the Tories are determined to pander to the  extreme UKIP, EDL, supporter in an attempt to hold onto power.  Empathy and compassion are again thrown out of the window in this cynical exercise of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

They want people to phone up and tell them about any migrants who may (but probably wont) be here illegally, or as I have always been brought up to call it : grassing.  Yep not satisfied with demonizing yet another vulnerable sector of society they  want to get the rest of society to actively take part in their pogroms and sell out neighbours to the authorities.  Just like how the Nazi’s did things back in the 30’s.

Well you know what?  Lets do this, lets help them out by everyone calling this number to report some very famous migrants.  I believe they have many houses all around the country and loads of  honest taxpayers money is being spent on keeping them in luxury.  They have even had the cheek to have yet another baby in their family … No doubt just to claim the benefit money, damn scroungers.

I am of course talking about those god damn german immigrants the royal family. If ever there was  a bunch of scroungers then these are them. So let’s get texting people, report these work shy layabouts to the Home Office. With luck they will get deported and then maybe the news will report on something that actually matters other than  “woman has baby”

If enough of us text in it may also have the bonus of messing with this little trial scheme of the Tories and stop it from being rolled out nationally.

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Excessive Force : Spanish Police Beating Up Anonymous Backed Anti-Government Protestors


“Out with the Mafia”  Was the cry across over 30 cities in Spain earlier as people took to the streets to voice their opposition to corruption in the government.

The Spanish police reacted to this genuine outpouring of the people’s frustration by doing what they always do. Which is to say  attacking unarmed and peaceful protestors without restraint.

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