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Guy does to bank what banks usually do to other people


Ever been caught out by some nasty capitalist financial agency and their tiny small print in their terms and conditions? Forced to pay through your nose for some bullshit charges or interest rates that were not made clear to you when signing?

Ever wished the karmic tables would turn and it was these wankers bankers that got screwed over by the sneaky use of terms and conditions?

Well wish no more.

Dmitry Agarkov a 42-year-old Russian man, like most of us was also fed up with receiving unsolicited credit card offers that promised everything but right down there at the bottom in fine print authorised the selling of your soul if you defaulted.  Not happy with this Agarkov scanned the leaflet and re-wrote the terms and conditions to include  0 percent interest rate, unlimited credit and no fees, as well as a stipulation that the bank pay steep fines for changing or canceling the contract. Unlimited credit!!!!  can you imagine that?

The opened credit line was unlimited. He could afford to buy an island somewhere in Malaysia, and the bank would have to pay for it by law,”

Then he sent it back to the bank, who doing the same as all their unwitting victims, approved the contract WITHOUT reading the new and updated fine print courtesy of Dmitry. 🙂

The bank sent him the card and he proceeded to use it for two years before the bank finally cancelled it. The bank then tried to sue Dmitry for $1 363 for bank charges, late fees…. you know all the usual guff that these financial crooks use on a daily basis to keep us the consumer in debt. Only trouble was those fees were no longer in the agreement that  both Dmitry Agarkov and the bank had agreed too – however unknowingly.

A court ruled that, because of the no-fee, no-interest stipulation Agarkov had written in, he owed only his unpaid $575 balance.

They signed the documents without looking. They said what usually their borrowers say in court: ‘We have not read it,’

Now Agarkov is suing the bank for $727,000 for not honoring the contract’s terms, and the bank is hollering fraud.

Our lawyers think, he is going to get not 24 million, but really four years in prison for fraud. Now it’s a matter of principle for @ tcsbank,” founder of the bank Oleg Tinkov tweeted.

Principles???? The bank is claiming it is a matter of principle?  OMFG I didn’t realise banker understood the meaning of the word.

So the case is now on going with the next court appearance due in September.  Where I hope the judge sticks to the letter of the law according to the terms and conditions. If so they can only find in favour of Mr Agarkov. Afterall no contract was made before hand. The only contract that was agreed by both parties was the one updated by Dmitry. As these capitalist pigs have been throwing this kind of shit at us for years, it would be oh so delicious to see them on the receiving end for once.

I do love these small individual acts of subversion. As mass protest becomes more and more ineffective due to increasing control by the state, it is going to be left to us to fight back in ever more devious and clever ways such as this.  While it’s not going to change the world it is at least going to annoy, and while one fly in the ointment may not be too troubling imagine what thousands of us doing it would be like 🙂

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Religious Nutjob Of The Week : The Paedophile Puppeteer Preacher


Meet Ronald William Brown, a 58-year-old puppeteer that works for a Christian television network warning kids of the dangers of looking at pornography.  How ironic then when this week we find out he has been sentenced to 20 year in prison for possessing child pornography.  Surprised? Not.

Here he is at work with his quite frankly creepy assed ventriloquist dummy, Marty.

The images he collected and traded online were of children being bound gagged and also ones of kids who were apparently dead.  You see this sickos twisted fantasy was of killing dismembering and eating children. In fact he had already selected his victim, it was a young boy from his church group.  He would talk about these sick plans with another online paedo, Micheal Arnett writing things like “I imagine him wiggling and then going still,”

This was a guy, a loner, who had lived with his mother until she died, who spent most of his time with kids. He ran a pizza and church night for teenagers and frequently drove the children about in the church van and spent hours at the local park.  He should have been caught earlier. He had once been investigated by police after a neighbour had reported him for always driving young kids about and another time was caught with boys underwear on the front seat of his car when stopped for a traffic offense. He said they were for dressing his puppet in ^^

Now we don’t have any evidence that he personally ever physically hurt any children but his partner in crime Arnett claimed to have strangled killed and eaten an unknown child during their web discussions and Brown himself said that was what he was going to do with his selected victim. So it is mind-boggling  that his lawyer claims that “At this point, he doesn’t believe he’s done anything,”

Yet another case of paedophiles exploiting their position within either an educational or religious organisation. While his Church’s pastor has responded to media queries stating his shock at these discoveries. It is sad that so far the place where he worked Christian Television Network in Largo has refused to release any comment. In fact on his Facebook page Brown still claims to work there as a control operator. If we want to put a stop to this kind of behaviour then it is going to be up to these organisations to be both more thorough in their vigilance, and quicker to denounce these criminals when convicted. Until then I am afraid that churches and religious community groups are going to remain prime breeding grounds for these nonces.

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Gas Company Bans 7-Year-Old and 10-Year-Old From Discussing Fracking For The Rest of Their Lives


As part of their family’s settlement with gas driller Range Resources Corporation, two children, ages 7 and 10, in Mount Pleasant, Pa., are legally forbidden from speaking about fracking for the rest of their lives.

The gag order is part of a $750,000 settlement the Hallowich family agreed to, after they became severely ill from water and air contaminated by shale-gas hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” at nearby site. Parents Chris and Stephanie Hallowich claimed their family was suffering from headaches, earache, burning eyes and sore throats after their water and air was contaminated.

In August 2011, they reached an agreement with Range Resources, but the settlement not only gagged the adults in the household, but also their two children. The Hallowich attorney, Peter Villari, called the gag on minor children is an unprecedented extension for a nondisclosure agreement. It raises the question of whether the kids will suffer long term effects from the water and air pollution as they grow up.

Part of the agreement stated that the family’s health was not affected by the drilling operations. Villari said if the Hallowich family did not agree to that, the settlement would never have gone forward.

A spokesperson for Range Resources said, “clearly the Hallowichs were not in an ideal situation in terms of their lifestyle. They had an unusual amount of activity around them. We didn’t want them in that situation.”

While the spokesperson said the settlement shouldn’t apply to the Hallowich children, the hearing transcript says the order not only applies to the minors in the family, but the company “would certainly enforce it.”

Range Resources in an independent oil and gas firm headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The company’s net income 67.5 million.

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Balcombe Anti Fracking Protest Going Strong

Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources are trying to start drilling in Balcombe, West Sussex and the community is trying to stop them. Over 250 people stopped 15 trucks bring on equipment on Day 1 (Thurs). On Day 2 more than 100 police were used to break the blockade and escort trucks onto the fracking site. On Day 3 the community continued to resist attempts to force trucks through the blockade but gave up early afternoon. On Day 4 Cuadrilla did not attempt to bring any trucks onto the site. On Day 5 Cuadrilla continued to try to push trucks through the blockade and the community have continued to resist. Camp is still going strong and renewed efforts are being made to defend Balcombe. See Fracking In Balcombe: A Community Says No for background to issues involved.



Day 8 Today we have seen a new tactic by the protestors trying to stop lorries into the Cuadrilla site. Say hello to Big Red 🙂


A permanently immobilized old fire engine sat in the entrance to the fracking site.  Its with a fond nostalgia that I look at these scenes. So reminiscent of the 1990s and all the anti road protests going on.  It is good what with the fight against austerity going on in so many ways that there are people out there who are still prepared to put their liberty on the line for environmental issues, that occasionally come out second place in hard times like this.

Of course the truth still remains that without learning to live on this planet in a sustainable and ecological manner then we are all doomed no matter what socio economic system we use.  This frackin is a perfect example of the crazy world we live in where profit is put before safety, community and sustainability. Instead if fracking is allowed wholesale in the UK we will be facing pollution of our water table on a massive scale nevermind all the droughts brought on by the sheer quantities needed to frack. Then of course there will be the earthquakes, the destruction of grren belt land and the inevitable health problems that will arise in highly fracked areas due to the radioactive isotopes and other pollutants that are mixed in with the water they use.

I saw a poll in the Daily Mirror a couple of days ago about if you thinking the government should go ahead with fracking or not. At the time of viewing I saw a resounding 93% said NO to fracking in this country. So there is hope yet. Lets hope we see that 93% turn from just opinion into action. The protest right now is needing more bodies and supplies so if you can help please get down there. Otherwise look up any  anti fracking groups near you or even form your own if you feel your community could be under threat from this latest attempt of the capitalists to squeeze mother earth dry.

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Fake Cops Robbing People, Or Is That Real Cops?


There have been a spate of robberies in Detroit recently where the suspects have been claiming to be police officers.  Naturally the lamestreet media immediately labelled these men as fake or bogus cops. After all who would expect a policeman to be a criminal right?

Detroit Police are searching for two-to-three armed men who are posing as undercover cops and robbing people on the city’s east side.

Sunday afternoon the bogus cops robbed two brothers who stopped for gas at a Citgo on French Road near I-94. Both victims were slammed against vehicles. One suffered a broken nose when he was pistol-whipped by one of the robbers.

It’s believed the same two men were part of a trio that robbed Bill Confere as he headed to work Tuesday around 9:00 am.

Confere described the suspects’ vehicle as a black older-model Crown Victoria with red and blue lights flashing through the lower part of the windshield.

The three men were armed with handguns.

Confere tells 7 Action News that the fake cops said it was a routine traffic stop, but then told him to get out of his vehicle. They refused to show Confere their badges or any identification.

“As soon as I seen them guns, I did everything they asked me to do,” said Confere.

The items stolen included cash and prescription medicine.

One of the bogus cops is described as a white man, mid-thirties to early forties, 5’10” tall, 230 lbs, wearing a blue hoodie, black jeans and with a “funny looking badge” around his neck.

One accomplice is described as a white man, about 30-years-old, 6′ tall, 200 lbs, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. He was also wearing a badge around his neck.

Confere describes the third perpetrator in his case as a black man with a medium complexion. He is shorter than the others and has a stocky build.

The men were wearing black military-style boots and may be wearing t-shirts or hoodies.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Detroit Police.

So it is with surprise that today we see this story coming out of Detroit :

A photograph snapped by a citizen and distributed to the media led to the arrest of two police officers who allegedly robbed and assaulted two citizens last week, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Monday.

The two men — one a sergeant and 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department; the other holding the same rank in St. Clair Shores — allegedly wore their badges around their necks and drew their department-issued pistols on July 21, when police say they robbed two men at an east-side gas station. One of the victims was assaulted, Craig said.

“It wasn’t until a photograph was sent to the media that someone investigating the case recognized him as a Detroit Police employee,” Craig said.

Further investigation revealed his alleged partner was a St. Clair Shores sergeant who attended the Police Academy with him before leaving Detroit’s police force after two years, said Inspector Brian Stair, head of Detroit Police Internal Affairs.

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, it has received a warrant request for the two officers, who Craig said are likely to be charged with robbery and assault in the next day or so.

Although there were at least two reported instances of fake cops robbing citizens recently, there’s no evidence linking the two sergeants with any other robberies, Craig said, adding that police are investigating whether they may have been involved in other heists.

“It’s no secret we’ve had other incidents involving police impersonators, so we’re taking a close look at that,” Craig said.

The Detroit sergeant was arrested Saturday while working at the 12th Precinct. His alleged accomplice also was arrested Saturday at his home.

Now there is no proof at the moment that these are the same men who did the other robberies but its a damn fine co-incidence wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps these cops had heard about these “fake” cop robberies and thought they could get away with making a few dollars and be able to pin the blame on this other group. Or maybe it is the case that yes a group of police have been abusing their oaths and offices and assault and stealing of the very people they are supposed to protect.

The only thing we can be sure about is that police officers are just people too. Wearing a badge does not make them somehow incapable of committing a crime as we have seen time and time again. In fact it could be argued that wearing a uniform empowers people to abuse their authority and makes them feel untouchable resulting in them taking increasingly more extreme and violent actions.

The main thing to take from this is not to blindly trust someone just because they are wearing a uniform and a badge.  If they can get away with breaking the law either to benefit themselves or to entrap you, then there is a chance they will do so.

The best defense (non-violent) that we can have is to a] Know your rights and b] always make sure that they are accountable. If they know that they are being recorded then they are that much more likely to do things by the book.  That means getting out your phone and recording them every time they stop or talk to you.  Do not be taken in by their friendly demeanour, their job is to lock you up. If you stand for freedom equality and liberty for all, then you are by definition, in direct opposition to the men who pay the police their wages.  Make no mistake, it is not the common people who the police are here to protect. It is the rich entitled classes and their property.

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Man Faces Jail For Calling MP A Coward


Almost everyday now I read something that makes me realise just how much of an insane society we are becoming,  Be it police handcuffing 6-year-old children or women getting sent to prison for being raped

So todays story is no different.  Apparently using none offensive words to describe a person’s action if said loudly and to that persons face is now a crime :

A university lecturer could be sent to prison for calling a city MP a “coward”.

Alex Cline faces a two-day trial after a court heard Hove MP Mike Weatherley complained to police about the name-calling in November.

The incident took place during a protest at the University of Sussex.

At the time, Mr Weatherley complained he and his staff had been pelted with rocks by “anarchists” before a planned debate on anti-squatting laws.

But during yesterday’s hearing, Brighton Magistrates Court heard the only person charged with any offence was Mr Cline, for calling the MP a “coward”.

The 25-year-old faces one count of ‘using threatening/abusive/insulting words/behaviour to cause harassment/alarm/distress’.

He could be handed a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment, a fine of £5,000 or both.

Mr Cline denies harassing the MP or causing him alarm and distress.

‘Free speech’

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Cline’s solicitor Lydia Dagostino said: “Mr Weatherley has probably been called worse in the Houses of Parliament.

“We’ll be vigorously defending this case and the defendant’s right to free speech.”

Cases heard in magistrates’ court cost the taxpayer around £900 a day.

Mr Cline of Wenlock House, North Street, Brighton, is a former University of Sussex postgraduate student who graduated from the university in September.

He now lectures at the Angela Ruskin University, teaching “Video Game Contextual Studies” and “Architectural Gaming”.

Mr Weatherley and his colleagues previously told how the crowd turned on them at the university.

He was due to give a talk to the university’s Young Conservative group when he was allegedly chased out of the lecture theatre and across the campus.

Mr Weatherley said: “I have given statements to Sussex Police relating to the way in which my staff and I were physically assaulted at Sussex University. I have faith in the police and have no doubt that those responsible will be held to account in due course.”


Now the thing that really gets me about this story is not just the slap in the face to free speech in this country or the abuse of power by an MP to assuage his hurt feelings, but that what the defendant is accused of saying is nothing but the truth.  Look at it, the guy calls this MP a coward.  The MP  responds by running away and then getting the police to arrest the big scary man for calling him names! You can almost picture the MP clinging to a policeman’s legs from behind and raising a trembling finger to point out this big bully who dared to address him so.

What the hell happened to stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?

Oh well if these politicians don’t like being called names maybe its time that we just went back to communicating our feelings to them using sticks and stones instead 🙂


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Dying cancer victim faces eviction from Birmingham home in bedroom tax row


The first evictions over the government’s controversial “bedroom tax” are set to begin as notices and final demand letters are being put through the letter boxes of social housing tenants around the country.Including that of Veronica Kenning a 57-year-old cancer sufferer :

A wheelchair-bound mum dying of cancer is facing eviction from her council house in a bedroom tax row .

Veronica Kenning could lose the only home she has ever known after refusing to pay the £23.57-a-week demanded by Birmingham City Council .

The 57-year-old said she would fight her case in court – but admitted any hearing would have to be quick as she was given a year to live last August.

Veronica, who has also suffered from ME for 26 years, said: “I told the council I was never going to pay because I’m dying.

“They shouldn’t be asking for it. It’s disgraceful.

“I told them they could take me to court – but they would have to be quick.”

Veronica was told in February that she faced paying out under the bedroom tax after her daughter moved out of their three-bedroom home in Brook Meadow Road, Shard End.

The controversial benefits shake-up, which cuts payouts for those with spare rooms, came into force on April 1.

It was blamed for causing the death of Solihull grandmother Stephanie Bottrill, who was hit by a lorry on the M6 on May 4.

Veronica, who has cancer of the oesophagus, has already received a letter warning the council intended to seek possession of the home where she has spent her entire life.

The document told her: “Your rent debt is now at an unacceptable level and we are serving you with a notice of seeking possession. This is a legal notice and should not be ignored.”

Veronica admitted she had rebuffed the council’s attempts to encourage her to apply for cash to help her pay her way.

She said: “I haven’t got enough time left to waste it filling out forms.

“I might not even qualify. I’m making a stand.”

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said: “We have been in regular contact with Mrs Kenning, urging her to apply for discretionary housing payment, which we feel, in her circumstances, she would qualify for.

“Indeed, we have told her we will take a telephone application to make things easier for her.

“Unfortunately she has refused on every occasion to make a claim.

“We are deeply sympathetic to Mrs Kenning’s plight and have written, phoned and visited her property in order to try to help her get the assistance available to her.

“However, her consistent refusal to allow us to help her has left us with little option as she has made it clear to us that she does not want to apply for discretionary housing payment.”


I would just like to salute Veronica for being such a brave inspiration to us all. Knowing she is dying she is using her own situation to highlight the evil and targeted discrimination against disabled people by this government.  Most people would have applied for the grant then shut up, do what they were told and used what little time they have left to try to come to terms with themselves and find peace and a  bit of happiness. Instead Ms Kenning  is setting an example and hopefully that example will be used to shine a light on the plight of many thousands of people being affected by these unfair rules.

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Go Home Or Face Arrest

That is the message being given out in 6 new pilot schemes across London today.

Large vans with this message on the side are at present driving around these London boroughs in this latest attack on migrants.

Just like the poor and disabled are being targeted by the DWP so too is the Hone Office hounding the thousands of migrants that come to these shores each year looking for a better life. A life free from oppression and or torture.  This is how our government welcomes them :

immigration fascist

Anything to distract and fool the people into believing the enemy is anything other than the ultra rich capitalist cronies that run The City.  This Tory (and Lib-Dem) government think they are so clever to use these divide and conqueor tactics to keep the masses controlled.

Yet despite the fact that it has been shown time and time again that immigration brings lots of benefits to the host nation, it seems the Tories are determined to pander to the  extreme UKIP, EDL, supporter in an attempt to hold onto power.  Empathy and compassion are again thrown out of the window in this cynical exercise of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

They want people to phone up and tell them about any migrants who may (but probably wont) be here illegally, or as I have always been brought up to call it : grassing.  Yep not satisfied with demonizing yet another vulnerable sector of society they  want to get the rest of society to actively take part in their pogroms and sell out neighbours to the authorities.  Just like how the Nazi’s did things back in the 30’s.

Well you know what?  Lets do this, lets help them out by everyone calling this number to report some very famous migrants.  I believe they have many houses all around the country and loads of  honest taxpayers money is being spent on keeping them in luxury.  They have even had the cheek to have yet another baby in their family … No doubt just to claim the benefit money, damn scroungers.

I am of course talking about those god damn german immigrants the royal family. If ever there was  a bunch of scroungers then these are them. So let’s get texting people, report these work shy layabouts to the Home Office. With luck they will get deported and then maybe the news will report on something that actually matters other than  “woman has baby”

If enough of us text in it may also have the bonus of messing with this little trial scheme of the Tories and stop it from being rolled out nationally.

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