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Kill The Poor

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the official DWP 1st annual “piss on the poor” party and karaoke night. Tonight our first song is dedicated to a very special person, Mr Ian Duncan Smith.

Please stand up Mr Smith.

Can we shine a spotlight on him …….. no no it’s not that man, the one behind him with the bald head that looks like a SS concentration camp guard, yes that’s the one.  A round of applause for the man who is single-handedly responsible for the funding of tonight’s party.  All paid for from savings made due to the massive increase in sanctions handed out to the peasants by this man. Thank you Mr Smith. Sieg Hail Sieg Hail!!

And so on with the festivities.  In honour of your achievements we would like to dedicate this song to you Ian, I know it is one of his favourites…..”

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“Australia’s Sarah Palin” The New Face Of Right-Wing Idiocy


If you thought right-wing racist stupidity was confined to the EDL you would be wrong. Not only does the world have to deal with the absurdity of America’s Tea Party, there is also the grandaddy of them all, Australia’s One Nation party. An extreme right-wing party formed in 1997 that spouts the same Islamaphobic, anti multicultural, populist shite we are seeing all over the western world these days.

In an attempt to kickstart their flagging support they have announced a new candidate, Stephanie Banister.  who some are calling Australia’s Sarah Palin,. She is a 27 yr old mother of two who ……. you know what? I think its best you just listen to what she has to say because words really  cannot do her massive factual inaccuracies justice 😛


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The Flash Faced Distortion Effect


Nothing to do with politics I’m afraid,  but I thought this illusionary technique is quite interesting anyway.

All you have to do is keep your focus on the cross in the middle of the video, try not to look at the celebrities faces, though it is quite tempting, just to see if they do look as freaky as you think they do.


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