Just wanted a place to call my own where I can rant and rave about whatever or whomever I feel.  The fact is most of the time those that will be feeling my wrath will be right wing entitled idiots, massive soul sucking corporations, dumbass bigots and of course those paragons of virtue the religious zealots. However I dont want people to think this is a purely partisan blog as I will happily insult anyone I feel is deserving of it no matter what their beliefs are.

I do not endorse any political party or mainstream ideology. I suppose the theory I share most principles with would be a libertarian socialism kind of thing, aswell as anarcho-communism, horizontalism, participatory democracy and any grassroots organisations fighting for equality and social justice.  Though again I would not call myself anyone of these things because there are flaws in most of these political philosophies.

The answer, well my answer is to take a more holistic view of things. Try and take the positive from everything and encourage people not to identify with any one group. If there is one thing that drives me crazy about the so called left and that is the insane amount of arguing that takes place over what is essentially semantics. Everytime some one disagrees slightly over a particular point a split happens and yet another party is formed.  We have to let go of our picture perfect ideas of what the future looks like and learn to start working together with one another even if the end result  may not be a perfect match.  The forces of greed, hatred and rampant capitalism are destroying the world we know around us every day. Yet here we sit arguing over what mutual aid actually means.  Fuck the semantics just get out there onto the streets and voice your opposition to the death of a social society and build the foundations of a better tomorrow with whoever you can, rather than waste time searching for your ideological twin.

Anyway enough of the politics. I didnt mean for this blog to become just another angry anarchist bemoaning those with more money than me.

I am also a vegetarian, an agnostic. I love history (and herstory) archaeology, Sci-Fi and fantasy novels. I practice archery, go metal detecting, play far too much video games especially RPG and MMOs. I love to go camping, go out to festivals  n gigs and love listening to Punk, folk, reggae, psychedelia, dance and techno.

If you want to help me on my quest for knowledge or have an opinion on anything I say. I’d love for you to get in touch, share your views and hopefully teach me something new.

I believe in free speech so welcome allcomers, come say what you want. Only thing I wont accept are child porn, personal information being posted and threats to other people. Wanna kill me? fine, but dont hassle anyone else on my blog plz.

You can contact me on twitter :



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