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Mark Duggan: An Incomplete Inquest

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by Martin Odoni

The outrage is perfectly understandable, but it is also more reasonable than some people seem to imagine. The family, friends and neighbours of Mark Duggan, the Londoner whose death at the hands of the Metropolitan Police in August 2011 triggered riots in big cities around the United Kingdom, were almost shaking with anger outside the High Court on Wednesday after hearing the verdict of the Coroner’s Inquest – that he was Lawfully Killed. When he was gunned down by an officer in the Operation: Trident unit, he was being pursued on suspicion of possessing an illegal firearm. Evidence that he had obtained the weapon a little earlier appears incontrovertible. He was in a taxi, travelling through Tottenham at the time he was cornered. After getting out of the taxi, one of the police, identified only as officer ‘V53’, convinced that Duggan was raising a gun to fire…

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