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Bailiffs evict Balcombe anti-fracking protest camp


West Sussex County Council used bailiffs today (19/11/13) to clear the protest camp which has been outside Cuadrilla’s exploration site at Balcombe since July.

A statement by the council said: “As promised during the High Court hearing we have established a new designated protest area close to the entrance to the Cuadrilla site, and the siting of it was agreed with the protesters who have remained in the area. The protest area is bigger and on drier land and is also protected by safety barriers. This does clearly show that the County Council recognises the right of people to demonstrate peacefully and lawfully. However, it is important that people realise that any form of camping inside this area is not permitted.”

Frack Free Sussex said: “In enforcing the eviction order at Balcombe today, is West Sussex County Council protecting Sussex residents and Sussex ecology – or the interests of international industry/invested government?”

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Fuck Social Mobility, Bring On The Class War

the void

baron-sugarThe last thing anyone needs right now is another Baron Sugar of Clapton or Lord fucking Prescott.  Too often social mobility is merely the elevation of class traitors, those who happily use their new found power to fuck over the people they left behind.

It shows how fractured society has become that social mobility is now considered the best that working class people can hope for.  If only a few more kids from state schools went to Oxbridge, or a few more MPs once had a real job, then all would be well and the system would be fair they would have us believe.

But what about all the kids who wouldn’t get to fucking Oxbridge even in this fake classless utopia.  The millions left abandoned so a few lucky bastards get to shop in Prada rather than Primark.  It wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to the rest…

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Academic paper: fake DWP psych test is tool of neoliberal manipulation


Back in April, the SKWAWKBOX started to expose how the government, via the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) and David Cameron’s pet project the ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ (BIT), colloquially known as the Nudge Unit, was coercing benefit claimants to take an unvalidated, unscientific psychometric test devised by a US ‘torture guru’ by threatening them with the loss of their benefits if they didn’t comply.

The government claimed that this test was ‘scientifically proven’, but the truth turned out to be very different. The questions used in this psych test were cherry-picked from a larger test issued by a US organisation (the VIA) – and had been used without permission, effectively stolen. Complaints were made to and by the British Psychological Society, and to a healthcare oversight body (the HCPC), leading to the investigation of a top DWP psychologist for approving the use of the ‘test’, and a Guardian article

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