Religious Nutjob Of The Week : Presuppositional Apologetics

Presuppositional Apologetics

Get this, a fundamentalist christian viewpoint that states there should be no objective or neutral starting place for any theory or idea. According to these people, all forms of evidence gathering that is not based on the “truth” of the bible is inherently false.  So that includes logic, the scientific method, reason or personal experience, all of it worthless in the eyes of the christian apologetic. 

This takes willful ignorance to a whole new level of stupid. The complete stubborn refusal to even consider any other viewpoint, fact or opinion if it comes from someone who does not share your religious insanity.  Must make for interesting discussions, or lack there-of. 

I mean can you imagine one of these guys arguing over simple mathematics…..

Normal guy :  “If we know the two shorter lengths in a right-angled triangle, we can use Pythagoras’ Theorem to find the hypotenuse.”

Crazed zealot :  ” No no that is incorrect. Pythagoras was not a christian therefore his findings must be false”

Normal guy : ” huh you what?  Just try it yourself dude, take the square of the two ….”


Normal guy : ” oooo kay, tell you what, here is some pretty coloured crayons. Why don’t you go sit in the corner and draw holy sheep or burning bushes or whatever nonsense it is you actually believe and let the rest of us get on with life”

Crazed zealot : Yay! Jesus!!!!

Think this is just some obscure philosophical viewpoint that no-one but a few fusty professors have ever even heard of?  Think again. Sadly this idea is being pushed as a genuine argument by present day fundies. Fed up with losing arguments based on “crazy” things like evidence and reason, they are now just refusing to even enter into a debate by using this excuse.  Personally if it gets rid of these crazies from clogging up almost every intelligent discussion online, with their inane make-believe and constant fuckin scripture quotes, then I’m all for it 🙂


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