Guy does to bank what banks usually do to other people


Ever been caught out by some nasty capitalist financial agency and their tiny small print in their terms and conditions? Forced to pay through your nose for some bullshit charges or interest rates that were not made clear to you when signing?

Ever wished the karmic tables would turn and it was these wankers bankers that got screwed over by the sneaky use of terms and conditions?

Well wish no more.

Dmitry Agarkov a 42-year-old Russian man, like most of us was also fed up with receiving unsolicited credit card offers that promised everything but right down there at the bottom in fine print authorised the selling of your soul if you defaulted.  Not happy with this Agarkov scanned the leaflet and re-wrote the terms and conditions to include  0 percent interest rate, unlimited credit and no fees, as well as a stipulation that the bank pay steep fines for changing or canceling the contract. Unlimited credit!!!!  can you imagine that?

The opened credit line was unlimited. He could afford to buy an island somewhere in Malaysia, and the bank would have to pay for it by law,”

Then he sent it back to the bank, who doing the same as all their unwitting victims, approved the contract WITHOUT reading the new and updated fine print courtesy of Dmitry. 🙂

The bank sent him the card and he proceeded to use it for two years before the bank finally cancelled it. The bank then tried to sue Dmitry for $1 363 for bank charges, late fees…. you know all the usual guff that these financial crooks use on a daily basis to keep us the consumer in debt. Only trouble was those fees were no longer in the agreement that  both Dmitry Agarkov and the bank had agreed too – however unknowingly.

A court ruled that, because of the no-fee, no-interest stipulation Agarkov had written in, he owed only his unpaid $575 balance.

They signed the documents without looking. They said what usually their borrowers say in court: ‘We have not read it,’

Now Agarkov is suing the bank for $727,000 for not honoring the contract’s terms, and the bank is hollering fraud.

Our lawyers think, he is going to get not 24 million, but really four years in prison for fraud. Now it’s a matter of principle for @ tcsbank,” founder of the bank Oleg Tinkov tweeted.

Principles???? The bank is claiming it is a matter of principle?  OMFG I didn’t realise banker understood the meaning of the word.

So the case is now on going with the next court appearance due in September.  Where I hope the judge sticks to the letter of the law according to the terms and conditions. If so they can only find in favour of Mr Agarkov. Afterall no contract was made before hand. The only contract that was agreed by both parties was the one updated by Dmitry. As these capitalist pigs have been throwing this kind of shit at us for years, it would be oh so delicious to see them on the receiving end for once.

I do love these small individual acts of subversion. As mass protest becomes more and more ineffective due to increasing control by the state, it is going to be left to us to fight back in ever more devious and clever ways such as this.  While it’s not going to change the world it is at least going to annoy, and while one fly in the ointment may not be too troubling imagine what thousands of us doing it would be like 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Guy does to bank what banks usually do to other people

  1. caiaphasflag says:

    Wow, love it!

  2. banxbane says:

    Dmitry’s a hero! I hope he wipes the floor with them.

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