Go Home Or Face Arrest

That is the message being given out in 6 new pilot schemes across London today.

Large vans with this message on the side are at present driving around these London boroughs in this latest attack on migrants.

Just like the poor and disabled are being targeted by the DWP so too is the Hone Office hounding the thousands of migrants that come to these shores each year looking for a better life. A life free from oppression and or torture.  This is how our government welcomes them :

immigration fascist

Anything to distract and fool the people into believing the enemy is anything other than the ultra rich capitalist cronies that run The City.  This Tory (and Lib-Dem) government think they are so clever to use these divide and conqueor tactics to keep the masses controlled.

Yet despite the fact that it has been shown time and time again that immigration brings lots of benefits to the host nation, it seems the Tories are determined to pander to the  extreme UKIP, EDL, supporter in an attempt to hold onto power.  Empathy and compassion are again thrown out of the window in this cynical exercise of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

They want people to phone up and tell them about any migrants who may (but probably wont) be here illegally, or as I have always been brought up to call it : grassing.  Yep not satisfied with demonizing yet another vulnerable sector of society they  want to get the rest of society to actively take part in their pogroms and sell out neighbours to the authorities.  Just like how the Nazi’s did things back in the 30’s.

Well you know what?  Lets do this, lets help them out by everyone calling this number to report some very famous migrants.  I believe they have many houses all around the country and loads of  honest taxpayers money is being spent on keeping them in luxury.  They have even had the cheek to have yet another baby in their family … No doubt just to claim the benefit money, damn scroungers.

I am of course talking about those god damn german immigrants the royal family. If ever there was  a bunch of scroungers then these are them. So let’s get texting people, report these work shy layabouts to the Home Office. With luck they will get deported and then maybe the news will report on something that actually matters other than  “woman has baby”

If enough of us text in it may also have the bonus of messing with this little trial scheme of the Tories and stop it from being rolled out nationally.

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