GPs in south east Wales told not to help benefit appeals


Had to suffer one of the appalling ATOS fit for work assessments? Been found fit despite clearly being too ill to work?  Well don’t bother contacting your GP for a supporting appeals letter, at least if you live in south-east Wales.

According to the BBC the local medical committee has told GPs NOT to write any more appeal letters to support patients because of massive increases of requests for said letters from disabled people being found fit for work.  Apparently “it is an abuse of NHS resources”   What? an abuse of NHS resources, are you serious?  Isn’t it a GPs job to look after their ill patients and to help them get the care they need?  How is causing them to be deprived of money to eat and live helping them get the care they need?  My god this is callous desk bound bullshit if ever I have seen it,

Now if this was a letter of protest written to the DWP or to ATOS itself saying how GPs were spending far too much time having to do these appeals because of the Tories lousy attack on the most vulnerable I could understand. But this is no criticism of  government welfare policy this is guidelines for GPs to follow. It is basically an inter department whine that they have too much work to do mixed with asinine claims like :

“Do we want to see doctors seeing ill patients, or do we want to see doctors seeing patients who are not ill but simply want to undertake some form of appeal letter?”

What? They are seriously missing the point here. These people who are coming to them for appeal letters ARE ill ffs and not only are they ill but they are being forced to jump through hoops and often denied the money and help that they need because of a callous disregard for their wellbeing and a government hell-bent on making sure the working class knows its place – at the bottom in the mud, there to be walked on by their betters. So if you ask me I would say that not only are these people ill and therefore need to be seen but they are suffering much more and so are in that much more need of talking to some kind of friendly understanding face.  It is bad enough that where GPs are allowed to write these appeal letters they charge the claimants between £20 and £80 per letter!!!!!!   How someone who only claims £72 per week is meant to pay for one of these letters is beyond me.

Does this feel like class warfare yet?

Now I should make it clear that while this directive to GPs is reprehensible it is not the medical committee that should take all the blame. The blame is and should be fairly planted on the shoulders of Ian Duncan Smith and his DWP. These are the cause of all the policies that are filling up GP surgeries with people asking for appeal letters.  If the ATOS work capability assessment was not such a fucked up biased piece of evil  then there would not be this problem to start with. However I am saddened to see professionals who should be coming together with their patients on this and showing a united front to the policy makers, instead dismissing patients concerns and worrying about themselves and their work loads. Dont want to write these letters doctors?  Then stand up and fight against this corrupt money stealing, people demeaning coalition of the damned.

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