Religious Nutjob Of The Week : Holy Milk

Hmmm think I may just make this a regular feature on this here blog of mine. I’m sure I will have little or no trouble finding plenty of potential contenders for this most coveted of title in the weeks to come.

So lets see. Who gets to be the lucky star of our very first.. Religious Nutjob Of The Week  (.Imagine this title is always sung  in a Harry Hill TV Burp style kind of announcers jingle ) ….

And the winner this week is……   Valdeci Sobrino Picanto an evangelical pastor from Brazil.

Earlier in the year Valdeci got himself arrested. Unsurprisingly, when it is to do with a man of the cloth, this arrest was to do with sex.  More surprising though is the manner in which he persuaded his victims to participate in these acts.

Valdeci  managed to abuse victims after convincing them that his penis contains HOLY MILK.

This criminal pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit would secrete from his penis in the form of “sacred milk”. This pastor said that his penis was blessed and that “the Lord had consecrated him with divine milk of the Holy Spirit” and, of course, he had to release it in order to “evangelize”.

Can you believe this? This guy actually managed to convince his flock that their god was literally coming out of his cock. Therefore in order to be saved from all those nasty perverted things that happen in hell, they would all have to kneel-down as if in prayer, then suck away on his dick to release this holy spirit and save their immortal souls.

jesus-with-boyIt is hard to understand how his followers could all of fallen for this inventive but quite obviously bullshit kind of excuse, but I suppose that is just another example of the dangerous brainwashing that organised religion instills in millions of people everyday.  However dumb we may think the story is, it is important to remember that these people were victims of serious sexual abuse whose only mistake was putting their full trust in a person claiming to be a man of god but in fact was nothing more than a sexual predator.  In the words of one of his victims….

“He has convinced us that only God could come into our lives through our mouth and that’s why he would do what he did”. Often, after worship, pastor Valdeci would take us to the where the funds were kept at the back of the Church and asked us to have Oral sex with him until the Holy Spirit would come through ejaculation”

Alas I’m not going to be able to give Valdeci the award in person as thankfully this man is now locked up safely behind bars.  But I hope you will all agree that he most certainly does deserve the dubious honour of being the first : Religious Nutjob Of The Week.

Original news article in Spanish

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2 thoughts on “Religious Nutjob Of The Week : Holy Milk

  1. caiaphasflag says:

    Who fell for that bullshit? It’s amazing how gullible religion makes people!

  2. sp4mf15h says:

    Well lets face it, they already believe a needy sky daddy drowned everyone just cause they wasnt giving him enough attention. Tried talking someone into killing their eldest son. Oh n parted a whole sea to let some of his little followers escape but then couldnt be bothered to do anything while they went round and round in circles for 40 years trying to find a way out of the desert. A simple signpost would of done, but no that would not of been grandious enough for this vainglorious anthropomorphic fairy tale.
    Soooo I think they can be excused for believing that holy milk comes out of a mans penis.
    ……excused, but still open to ridicule of course 🙂

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