Con-dems Use Their Magic Wand Again.

We all remember those old Disney films when we were kids. The ones where the fairy godmother would come flying in and wave her magic wand to make everything all right again.

Most of us as we grew up realised there was no such thing as magic like in the movies. However there were a few out there who loved the elegant simplicity that making things disappear with a wave of your wand could bring to their notions of problem solving. Unfortunately it seems that those few all gravitated towards the Conservative Party. Then in a minor miracle that beats anything Disney could russle up, the Tories somehow find themselves in government with their very own head-boy David Cameron behind the doors at number 10.

Now if thats not magic, I dont know what is 😛

Within weeks those at the top in the Tory party had gotten their magic wands out and with a wizardly flourish made all of their election promises disappear.

Not going to touch the NHS   Bang!!  Massive cuts and privatisation by stealth

Going to be tough on crime   ZAP!!!   Cuts thousands of police jobs

Get tough on bankers   POW!!!  Bankers go on bleeding us dry

Then of course there is the way that statistics point to one conclusion but those magicians at Tory party HQ weave their illusions and the population end up believing the opposite. In fact the right wing myth makers and their stooges in the media get the people so confused they end up attacking each other and blaming those who are suffering most from austerity, instead of placing the blame on the real culprits : The bankers, the hedge fund managers, the venture capitalists and the self entitled bastards now sitting in both houses of parliement.

The way the country has played to their tune on the welfare issue is itself a major feat of hypnomancy. Changing a nations natural care and consideration for the most marginalised in  society into a rabble rousing hatred that allowed the spawning of the so called “strivers or skivers” debate. Where the most sick and disabled in our community are instead labelled as scroungers and where hate crime against the disabled has risen by 25%.

Well the Tory wand wavers have been at it again. This time in an attempt to tackle that vitally important issue of fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty has been skyrocketing since the 2008 financial crash. With households increasingly having to chose between buying food to eat or paying bills for fuel.  This is a direct result of the austerity measure forced upon us by Mr Smugness himself Gideon Osbourne. With the scrapping of council tax benefit, the bedroom tax, the benefit cap, the housing benefit changes, the ATOS fit for work scandal, Workfare, massive unemployment, zero hour work contracts, blacklisting, increasing utility bills by privatised industries and increased food prices. Many many more people are fighting to survive and make ends meet.

So how do you think the Torys have decided to deal with rising problem?

Why they just wave their magic wands and change the definition of what is fuel poverty. Genius hey?  Oh and in the process it just happens to knock 1000 000 of the national fuel poverty figures.

From The Telegraph :

Campaigners criticised the Government after ministers took 1m people out of fuel poverty – by changing the way the measure is calculated.

Under the old measure, any family spending more than 10pc of their income on gas and electricity was judged as being “fuel poor”.

The new measure from DECC classes fuel poverty as a home where “the total income is below the poverty line, and energy costs are higher than typical”.

and the reason these compulsive pork pie tellers give for changing the definition……..

The Department for Energy and Climate Change said a new definition that cut the official number of “fuel poor” families from 3.5m to 2.5m was being introduced to ensure help is “targeted at those who need it most”.

Ahhh so they are only cutting the numbers to help people more, how compassionate of them.  Im sure the one million who are now no longer “fuel poor” are brimming with joy at being taken out of this bracket. Im sure it has really benefited their lifes. Of course they still have to make a choice between food or fuel and many of them will die this winter due to entirely preventable causes but at least the government figures look good, and that after all is the only thing our politicians care about and with a magic wand in their arsenal I expect to see alot more of this kind of “solution” coming soon.

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